First Aid Training for Babysitters

If you have children and have been in the market for a good babysitter, perhaps you have had difficulties finding one that you feel pure confidence in when it comes to leaving your most prized possessions with. More important questions to ask a potential babysitter besides what she charges, what time does she baby-sit until, and which dates that she is available might be if my baby starts choking do you know how to clear her airway, if your baby stops breathing does she know how to administer CPR, does she know how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver? These are more important issues than if you can save a buck or two an hour.

First aid training for babysitters is not only available but is also encouraged too. School flyers will come home with information for this type of training, the American Red Cross offers this training and so do many other profit and non profit organizations.

First Aid Training for Babysitter courses teaches teens who like to earn money by babysitting how to be the best. In addition to teaching basic first aid they also teach how to have effective playtime with your children, how to handle themselves on the phone if you get any calls while you are out, feeding, diapering, and emergencies that involve water. These courses are normally available for babysitters aged 11-15.

After passing the course the babysitter will be given a babysitter completion card. A good babysitter has to be more than someone who loves kids; they also need to be someone who knows how to make the very best choices in the event of an emergency. First aid training for babysitters is only an avenue for the babysitter to pursue until medical help arrives but it is a sense of security for the parents. Remember though that showing a first aid training completion certificate does not mean that the babysitter has the capability to administer CPR, those are separate certifications.

It seems that a parent would want a babysitter who knows what syrup of ipecac is and what it is used for, one that knows which trinkets are too small for a child to be putting in his mouth and what to do if they happen to choke on it. These traits are not just common sense for many girls but have to be learned and in addition you know that a girl is more serious about babysitting if she has gone through the steps to become certified. Assume then that she has your child’s best interest at stake.

First Aid Training for Babysitters is really essential for anyone who wants to be in child care and beyond. It should be expected that any person that you leave in charge of your children should have the qualifications to take proper care of them in any situation. With the fact that two parents having to work these days and more and more babysitters are in demand soon society might be fortunate enough to require that First Aid Training for Babysitters is mandatory rather than optional.